About Us

We love animals of all shapes, sizes and breed and are a HUGE fan of rescues. Pawsitively Comfy Pet Services started out with just Alex but now we are a husband and wife team, which allows one to be an emergency back-up for the other. We currently have one pit bull/ boxer mix named Ziva, two cats, Taz and Lilo, all of which are rescue animals themselves and then a crested gecko named Chuck. We always care for pets like they are our own and we love getting to know all their different personalities.


After helping a friend whose dog was very anxious around new places and new people, we decided to continue helping those whose pet's would just prefer to stay in the comforts of their home while you are away and created Pawsitively Comfy Pet Services.

More About Alex:

  • 7 years of pet sitting experience

  • 1 year experience at a local boarding kennel

  • Fully insured

  • Experience with cats, dogs, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, tarantulas, other exotic pets and farm animals

  • Some pet CPR training (not certified); "human" CPR certified

  • Experience administering medication orally & topically and some experience administering medication by injection

  • Currently work at K-State

  • In the process of taking additional pet health and pet safety classes


More About Tony

  • 2 year of pet sitting experience

  • 6 years of hearing stories and comments and learning from his wife ;)

  • Experience with cats, dogs, small mammals, reptiles and farm animals

  • Some experience administering medication orally & topically and some experience administering medication by injection

  • Currently a student at K-State

  • In the process of taking additional pet health, safety and behavior classes

We don't travel much so are in Manhattan and available most weekends and holidays, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's. We don't mind last minute scheduling (but can't always guarantee last minute availability, especially around the holidays) and can provide references, as needed. Feel free to check out the Testimonials page on our website, as well.

Our Pets

​Taz's name describes him perfectly. He is the craziest, most energetic cat we've ever seen and even at 9 years old, he's barely slowed down. He loves to chase imaginary bugs, run from imaginary monsters and attack you from his hiding spots as you walk by. He absolutely loves food and eats almost anything. Because of him, Alex could legitimately say in college that my cat ate my homework. He often tries to steal food from Ziva, as well. We rescued him as a kitten about 9 years ago and life has never been dull since.



Ziva is a pit bull/boxer mix we rescued about 7 years ago. Her three most favorite things in the world is getting attention, going on car rides and food, so she's not too keen on Taz trying to steal her food. Though, she gets him back by stealing his. She also loves squeaker toys and anything with stuffing is demolished in 10 minutes. Even though she has a whole futon to herself, she would much rather lay or sit on top of you. She whole-heartedly believes that she is a lap dog, all 55 lbs of her.


We rescued Lilo about 5 years ago. Luckily she doesn't mind putting up with Taz's craziness and has some crazy of her own. And being 6 years old, she almost has enough energy to keep up with him. She loves talking to the squirrels, rabbits and birds through the windows. Though, she is quite a talker in general and if you tell her to get off of something she is not suppose to be on, she almost always gives you some sass before she decides to jump down.

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